2. "I was brave, I resisted,
    I set myself on fire."
    —  Louise Glück, from Stars (via violentwavesofemotion)
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  4. "Sex pleasure in women is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken."
    — Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex (via frenchtwist)

  6. peasonearth:

    On Nice Guy Syndrome

    You don’t actually respect women. You pretend like you do, and you may even believe that you do, but it’s not real.

    It’s outrageous and downright insulting that you think a girl has the ability to turn you into a “gay best friend.” You’re doing that…

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  10. quesofrito:

    Ilse Bing, Self-Portrait with Leica, 1986


  11. "The child’s naive dream of life is the only one worth having."
    — Marty Rubin  (via rose-jam)

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  12. therodizio:

    Chet Baker & Wally Coover (NYC, 1959), Photo Melvin Sokolsky


  13. apoetreflects:

    “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” 

    —Ansel Adams


  14. "[T]he idea that society can tell you how much of your body to reveal or hide implies that your body does not belong to you."
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    Photographs of dancers taken with long exposure 

    uhh why is no one freaking out about how cool this is?

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