1. Museum district, Fort Worth, Texas, November 17 2013

  2. Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas 2013

  3. Chandra Gardens Weatherford, Texas 2013

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  5. Even cowgirls wear pink shoes…


  6. "If you are me and I am you, who am I?" - Ramona talking to herself

  7. I see you.

  8. Inside insanity i found my mental health.


  9. I earned my intelligence. I read books.


  10. Did you know when i was in highschool i read an article about the book into thin air.. it was all about mt Everest. After that i was fascinated by that mountain and read every book i could.


  11. Hey magnolia i was trained for years to deal with your abuse. That is why it didn’t work.


  12. Pass it on. Iyeoka. Google it.


  13. i k now. No. Other way.


  14. The difference between anger and jealousy.. anger is a reaction to being treated badly or hurt on purpose for reasons that have nothing to do with you. Jealousy is a reaction by a person who wants something you have. I have every reason to be angry and no reason to be jealous. I love myself the way i am.


  15. Hey eve, Adam can commit. Murder.